Claudia Ferrer + Carlos Lopez Wedding at the Vanderbilt Hotel in Puerto Rico

“Somos tan divinos como el pan y el vino tu y yoo
Abriendo caminos contra la corriente vamos hoy
Cruzamos los miedos cruzamos los dedos somos brújula y timón siii
Y hay tanto amor
De lluvia de viento dándole alimento a nuestra flor
Terreno valdio lo tuyo y lo mio es de colores
Mis inspiraciones son tus emociones son todito para mi si”

– Pedro Capo, Vivo

There are moments that define us, as people, as partners, as lovers… it isn’t quite the grand plan sometimes but it the plan that was made just for us in the amazing infinity of this world and finding the love of your life is quite possibly the most amazing thing that can happen and it takes just that, moments.

Claudia & Carlos are not only an incredible couple, they are partners, they support each other and connect to each other even from across a room. Carlos is handsome, quieter and sweet while Claudia is vivacious, gorgeous and gracious and together they are simply put…perfectos. They bring to each other exactly what the other needs and tend to each others hearts with the perfect tune.

From the moment I met them to the final click of the night all I could think was how lucky it is to find your soulmate and be able to start this journey together. Their wedding at the five star Vanderbilt Hotel was a stunner, a gorgeous night made possible by so many amazing vendors. The wedding planning was simply exquisite by the talented Maria Lugo and the decor and ambiance by the incredible team at Arquetipo.

They had an amazing choreographed first dance with the live music of the incredible Pedro Capo, which left everyone in excited applause ❤

All in All it was a magical night that will forever be in their hearts and ours.

Special Thanks to my Team that Day and all of the incredible vendors:

Planning: Maria Lugo 

Decor: Arquetipo

Wedding Dress: Pnina Tornai

Disco Dress: Carlos Alberto

Headpiece: Exclusive Design by Eva Guadalupe

Shoes: Sergio Rossi

Lighting & Music: Music Factory 

Dance Floor: House Party Lights 

Hair: Idelfonso Torres

Makeup: David Lang 

Officiant: Father Ricky Guerrera

Cake: C+M Cake Designers 

Cinema: CineLab {mexico}

Live Music: Los Violines de Marquito

Live Band: Cuenta Regresiva 

Live Saxophonist: Nadir Simon 

Late Night DJ: DJ Gandhi

Disco Show: SAK entertainment 

Ushers: Carlos Zambrana

Stationery: Invitation House




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One response to “Claudia Ferrer + Carlos Lopez Wedding at the Vanderbilt Hotel in Puerto Rico

  1. Vanessa EXQUISITE, you are an artist among the best. Claudia and Carlos together with their families will forever treasure the moments you captured together with your team. As the Wedding Planner, THANK you for being there every second ready to capture every detail. Since the beginning Claudia told me how important were the photos and I’m sure you went above her dreams.

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