Pauline & Eric Wedding at El Conquistador Resort

“I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. Turns out it wasn’t something about you at all. It was just you.” – A beautiful disaster

pauline & eric have one of those special hearts, they are the kind of couple that you want to always have. they are both sweet, humble, kind and they are so in love that it is beautiful. from the moment i met Pauline i knew she would have a beautiful wedding day and she did. they had a sweet intimate wedding with their closest friends and family who’s eyes all sparkled as they watched them say i do. you could tell that love was all around and they all anxiously awaited this moment. and as they said i do and everyone cheered pauline & eric looked at each other and smiled…as if saying, finally my love.



Decor: SIOD


2014-07-07_0001 2014-07-07_0002 2014-07-07_0003 2014-07-07_0004 2014-07-07_0005 2014-07-07_0006 2014-07-07_0007 2014-07-07_0008 2014-07-07_0009 2014-07-07_0010 2014-07-07_0011 2014-07-07_0012 2014-07-07_0013 2014-07-07_0014 2014-07-07_0015 2014-07-07_0016 2014-07-07_0017 2014-07-07_0018 2014-07-07_0019 2014-07-07_0020 2014-07-07_0021 2014-07-07_0022 2014-07-07_0024




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