Iris & Gustavo A Wedding at Copamarina

“I could make you happy
Make your dreams come true
Nothing that I wouldn’t do
Go to the ends
Of the Earth for you
To make you feel my love, To make you feel my love”- Adelle

There is a time and place, a single moment captured in your mind as the moment you felt that incredible feeling only described as love. And it isn’t expected, or even looked for, it simply is. It begins and then it becomes your air, your life and your desire for a life together where you will always feel each other in your hearts. Iris & Gustavo are just one of those couples, the ones that were always meant to find each other and create a whole new dimension 🙂



2013-12-19_0001 2013-12-19_0002 2013-12-19_0003 2013-12-19_0004 2013-12-19_0005  2013-12-19_0011 2013-12-19_0012 2013-12-19_0013 2013-12-19_0014 2013-12-19_0015 2013-12-19_0016 2013-12-19_0017 2013-12-19_0018 2013-12-19_0019 2013-12-19_0020

2013-12-19_0007 2013-12-19_0008 2013-12-19_0009 2013-12-19_0021 2013-12-19_00222013-12-19_0010 2013-12-19_0023 2013-12-19_0024 2013-12-19_0025 2013-12-19_0026 2013-12-19_0027 2013-12-19_0028 2013-12-19_0029 2013-12-19_0030 2013-12-19_0031 2013-12-19_0032 2013-12-19_0033 2013-12-19_0034


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