Luzaida & Felix A Wedding at the Vanderlbilt Hotel


What we feel…what we feel for each other? We’re hardly…hardly two separate people now, and some people search all their life for this and never find it, others don’t even think it exists.- Bridges of Madison County

When you think of love, you think of soulmates, of hearts and beautiful togetherness. It isn’t something easy to find but it certainly is amazing when found. When two perfectly matched souls meet the universe aligns and you know in that moment you have just witnessed something so divine it will never come again.

Lulu & Felix are just that, a beautiful pair. Their love is kind, sweet and it is theirs. You can see it in their faces, in the way they are kind with each other and the way they simply are so at ease in each moment together. It is simply love, real unaltered love.

Thank You for being such kind souls.

Enjoy. xoxo Vanessa

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