Maritza & Bryan A Romance Wedding at El Convento

“You were made perfectly to be loved– and surely I have loved you, in the idea of you, my whole life long.” — Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The timelessness of real love has no ending, no stop, it is perfect and in tune with the beauty of life. It seems like love is found and with your kindred soul on your side you are and will always be unstoppable. Maritza and Bryan are one of those couples that steal your heart, they come and you can see in their eyes and their way with each other that they are the love of each others lives. I am so joyous that I got to be a part their beautiful day and put my grain of sand in their beautifully planned wedding. It was an honor to be with them, along with the love of their friends and family.

Every detail of this wedding was thought out and it all came together with such perfection. I never blog so many images but well, I couldn’t stop myself 🙂 Enjoy! xoxo Vane

Wedding Planner: Yaska Crespo

Decor: DOBA by Miriam Dobano

Makeup & Hair: Javier Moreno

Cake: C+M Cakes

Music: Sin Prisa

Cinema: Alucinarte Films

Officiant: Rev. Aran Santana

Ceremony: Centro de Estudios Avanzados

Reception: El Convento

Dress: ProNovias from D’Royal Bride

Headpiece: Alberta Bridal Headband by Carolina Rodriguez

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Tux: Calvin Klein

2013-11-12_0001 2013-11-12_0002 2013-11-12_0003 2013-11-12_0005 2013-11-12_0006 2013-11-12_0008 2013-11-12_0009 2013-11-12_0010 2013-11-12_0011 2013-11-12_0012 2013-11-12_0013 2013-11-12_0014 2013-11-12_0015 2013-11-12_0017 2013-11-12_0018 2013-11-12_0019 2013-11-12_0020 2013-11-12_0021 2013-11-12_0022 2013-11-12_0023 2013-11-12_0024 2013-11-12_0025 2013-11-12_0026 2013-11-12_0027 2013-11-12_0028 2013-11-12_0029 2013-11-12_0030 2013-11-12_0033 2013-11-12_0034 2013-11-12_0036 2013-11-12_0037 2013-11-12_0038 2013-11-12_0039 2013-11-12_0040 2013-11-12_0041 2013-11-12_0042 2013-11-12_0043 2013-11-12_0044 2013-11-12_0045 2013-11-12_0046 2013-11-12_0047 2013-11-12_0048 2013-11-12_0049 2013-11-12_0050 2013-11-12_0051 2013-11-12_0053 2013-11-12_0054 2013-11-12_0055 2013-11-12_0056 2013-11-12_0057 2013-11-12_0058 2013-11-12_0059 2013-11-12_0060 2013-11-12_0061 2013-11-12_0062 2013-11-12_0063 2013-11-12_0064


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