Christina & Michael Wedding at La Concha Resort and Casa de Espana

If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.”- Winnie-the-Pooh 

When you love, you love to the fullest, to the top of line, to the maximum possible expression of it, that is love, true undividing passionate love and that is what Christina and Michael have. You can see it through his tenderness and her sweet smile when she looks at him. They are madly in love and it is so beautiful to look at it. It is so amazing to have such a sweet and real romance. Christina is one of those brides you don’t want to let go, she is so full of life and joyous. I loved this wedding and everyone in it 🙂

Enjoy some images. xoxo Vanessa

Wedding Planning: Eventus by Zahira

Decor: Intic 

Cake: C+M Cake Designers

Music: DJ Rockhand

Makeup & Hair: Didi Saldana

Ceremony Venue: Casa de Espana

Reception Venue: La Concha Resort 

Video: Raymond Vega

2013-11-07_001 2013-11-07_002 2013-11-07_003 2013-11-07_004 2013-11-07_005 2013-11-07_006 2013-11-07_007 2013-11-07_008 2013-11-07_009 2013-11-07_010 2013-11-07_011 2013-11-07_012 2013-11-07_013 2013-11-07_014 2013-11-07_015 2013-11-07_016 2013-11-07_017 2013-11-07_018 2013-11-07_019 2013-11-07_020 2013-11-07_021 2013-11-07_022 2013-11-07_023 2013-11-07_024 2013-11-07_025 2013-11-07_026 2013-11-07_027 2013-11-07_028 2013-11-07_029 2013-11-07_030 2013-11-07_031 2013-11-07_032 2013-11-07_033 2013-11-07_034 2013-11-07_035 2013-11-07_036 2013-11-07_037 2013-11-07_038 2013-11-07_040 2013-11-07_041 2013-11-07_043 2013-11-07_044 2013-11-07_046 2013-11-07_048


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