Andrea & Miguel’s Wedding at the Caribe Hilton

“I never loved you any more than I do, right this second. And I’ll never love you any less than I do, right this second.”

––Beautiful Creatures

There is a certainty, a quaint place in our heart for we always love, and when we find the ONE, the person meant to fill our hearts up with love and incredibility we realize that our quaint place is now our whole heart and we have given it away forever.

Andrea & Miguel, what can I say, they are beautiful together. Their love is pure, sweet and it just is. There is nothing more perfect than real love and when you see it it does make your heart skip, and you can see that their hearts beat as one.

Thank You for letting me be a part of your beautiful love story. xoxo Vanessa

Planner: Viviane Fortuno

Decor: Arquetipo

Music: Cuenta Regresiva

2013-10-12_0002 2013-10-12_0003 2013-10-12_0004 2013-10-12_0005 2013-10-12_0006 2013-10-12_0007 2013-10-12_0008 2013-10-12_0009 2013-10-12_0010 2013-10-12_0011 2013-10-12_0012 2013-10-12_0013 2013-10-12_0014 2013-10-12_0015 2013-10-12_0016 2013-10-12_0017 2013-10-12_0018 2013-10-12_0019 2013-10-12_0020 2013-10-12_0021 2013-10-12_0022 2013-10-12_0023 2013-10-12_0024 2013-10-12_0025


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