Tania & Conrado A Wedding at the Marriot Stellaris

“Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.” ― Nicole Krauss, “The History Of Love”

There isn’t quite enough words to truly explain this kind of love, it isn’t possible, it is to rare, to beautiful and soulful. It seems quite amazing that love can truly transcend life, that it can be more than everything and anything. That it can matter against all obstacles and come out victorious. A Love like this is truly what fairy tales are made of, what forever is made of.

Tania & Conrado have a beautiful love story, filled with a road paved with love and hardships, and they it has made their love stronger and their roots deeper. It is incredible to be in the presence of such true love.

Enjoy xoxo Vanessa

Wedding Planner:  Jeanette Centeno

Makeup & Hair: Caridad Vidro

Cake: C+M Cake Designer

Decor: Maria del Mar Ledesma

2013-08-22_001 2013-08-22_002 2013-08-22_003 2013-08-22_004 2013-08-22_005 2013-08-22_006 2013-08-22_007 2013-08-22_008 2013-08-22_009 2013-08-22_010 2013-08-22_011 2013-08-22_012 2013-08-22_013 2013-08-22_014 2013-08-22_015 2013-08-22_016 2013-08-22_017 2013-08-22_018 2013-08-22_019 2013-08-22_020 2013-08-22_021 2013-08-22_022 2013-08-22_023 2013-08-22_024 2013-08-22_025 2013-08-22_026 2013-08-22_027 2013-08-22_028


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