Natalie & David Wedding at El Convento

There are only four questions of value in life. What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made of? What is worth living for? What is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.” – Don Juan DeMarco

When you have heart it’s easy and when you have passion it’s amazing. Love is one of those essential things in life and when two people are lucky enough to share the same heart well then it’s perfection. Coming together to celebrate their love with family and friends and just be joyous Natalie and David pledged their love at the beautiful historical Cathedral.

Planning: The Event by Merylin 

Decor: Nyrma Nieves

Venue: El Convento 

Music: Big J Music

Makeup & Hair: Didi Saldana

Cake: C+M Cakes

2013-07-22_0001 2013-07-22_0002 2013-07-22_0003 2013-07-22_0005 2013-07-22_0007 2013-07-22_0008 2013-07-22_0010 2013-07-22_0011 2013-07-22_0012 2013-07-22_0013 2013-07-22_0014 2013-07-22_0015 2013-07-22_0016 2013-07-22_0017 2013-07-22_0018 2013-07-22_0019 2013-07-22_0020 2013-07-22_0022 2013-07-22_0023 2013-07-22_0024 2013-07-22_0025 2013-07-22_0026 2013-07-22_0027 2013-07-22_0028 2013-07-22_0029 2013-07-22_0031 2013-07-22_0032 2013-07-22_0033 2013-07-22_0035 2013-07-22_0036 2013-07-22_0039 2013-07-22_0040 2013-07-22_0041 2013-07-22_0042 2013-07-22_0043 2013-07-22_0045 2013-07-22_0046


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