Rachel & Ron A Wedding at El San Cristobal and El Convento

“It is at moments like these that I know my what my purpose is in life. I am here to love you, to hold you in my arms, to protect you. I am here to learn from you and to receive your love in return.I am here because there is no other place to be.” ― Nicholas Sparks, 

A chord, that resounds through a room, that perfect beautiful sound that reaches you and makes you look, makes you search for it’s beginning. Just like that is what love is, that perfect feeling you get when you find the one and your heart just stops to stare and look. It is not common but it is real. That kind of love that is pure and in many ways magical. It is seen in many different phases, from a groom nervously holding his breath at the altar to a son running to his parents after the ceremony, just to be the first to congratulate them 😉 that is the definition of love and it is pretty unique.

It was special, this beautiful wedding filled with a great amount of joy. I want to send out a special note to Kim for being such an attentive aunt 🙂 This was a beautiful wedding and it really makes me feel happy when I get to meet couples that are so in love 🙂

Planning, Design & Decor: Ana Cintron Events 

Shoes: Valentino

Dress: Enzoani 

Groom’s Suit: Express

Ceremony: San Cristobal Fort

Reception Venue: El Convento


2013-06-26_0001 2013-06-26_0002 2013-06-26_0003 2013-06-26_0004 2013-06-26_0005 2013-06-26_0006 2013-06-26_0007 2013-06-26_0008 2013-06-26_0009 2013-06-26_0010 2013-06-26_0011 2013-06-26_0012 2013-06-26_0013 2013-06-26_0014 2013-06-26_0015 2013-06-26_0016 2013-06-26_0017 2013-06-26_0018 2013-06-26_0019 2013-06-26_0020 2013-06-26_0021 2013-06-26_0022 2013-06-26_0023 2013-06-26_0024 2013-06-26_0025 2013-06-26_0026 2013-06-26_0027 2013-06-26_0028 2013-06-26_0029 2013-06-26_0030 2013-06-26_0031

A Little Preview from their Day After Session 🙂

2013-06-26_0033 2013-06-26_0034


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