Traci & Jamie Wedding at the St. Regis Bahia Beach

“There you see her, sitting there across the way… but there’s something about her, and you don’t know why, but you’re dieing to try… you wanna kiss the girl.” – Little Mermaid

As the ceremony went and I heard the story of how Jamie fell for Traci, and for some reason this song came into my head. It seems so romantic, when you just realize love has creeped up on you and you are there just thinking about how to get that person to feel the same way and then you realize you are not alone in your feelings and so it happens, L O V E… true, pure and life stopping love.

Jamie & Traci are just one of those couples that I just love, they are so real, funny and just true to themselves. I am so happy I got to document their beautiful day 🙂 Enjoy some of the images! xoxo Vanessa

Decor: Akua

Venue: St. Regis Bahia Beach

2013-06-04_0001 2013-06-04_0002 2013-06-04_0003 2013-06-04_0005 2013-06-04_0006 2013-06-04_0007 2013-06-04_0008 2013-06-04_0009 2013-06-04_0010 2013-06-04_0011 2013-06-04_0012 2013-06-04_0013 2013-06-04_0014 2013-06-04_0015 2013-06-04_0016 2013-06-04_0018 2013-06-04_0019 2013-06-04_0020 2013-06-04_0021 2013-06-04_0023 2013-06-04_0025 2013-06-04_0026 2013-06-04_0027 2013-06-04_0028 2013-06-04_0029 2013-06-04_0030 2013-06-04_0031 2013-06-04_0032 2013-06-04_0033 2013-06-04_0034 2013-06-04_0035 2013-06-04_0036 2013-06-04_0037 2013-06-04_0038 2013-06-04_0039 2013-06-04_0040


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