Isabelle & Andres Wedding at the Marriot Stellaris


“Entre deux coeurs qui s’aiment, nul besoin de paroles”.

~ Marceline Desbordes-Valmore~

“No words are needed between two hearts in love.”

It seems quintessential that one must love with all our mights, because that is the explanation of real and amazing love, the kind we all want. The one that comforts us in the quiet times and caresses us in the sweet times. For Isabelle and Andres it comes without any questions or doubts that love is their anchor and they are committed to making each other happy. In the quiet nature of Andres and the passion in Isabelle’s soul you can see they are a perfect fit, made to compliment each other without a doubt.

They had a beautiful wedding at the Marriot Stellaris, surrounded by family and friends for a detail oriented wedding that made me swoon. Enjoy xoxo Vanessa


Wedding Planner: Eventus by Zahira 

Decor: Festivo 

Cake: C+M Cakes 

Dress: Lazaro

Shoes: Jimmy Choo 

Stationery: Digby & Rose

Music: DJ Rockhand

Makeup & Hair: Didi Saldana 

Church: San Jose


2013-05-30_0001 2013-05-30_0002 2013-05-30_0003 2013-05-30_0032 2013-05-30_0008

2013-05-30_0030 2013-05-30_0031 2013-05-30_0033 2013-05-30_0009 2013-05-30_0010 2013-05-30_0011 2013-05-30_0012 2013-05-30_0013 2013-05-30_0014 2013-05-30_0015 2013-05-30_0016 2013-05-30_0017 2013-05-30_0018 2013-05-30_0019 2013-05-30_0020 2013-05-30_0021 2013-05-30_0022 2013-05-30_0023 2013-05-30_0024 2013-05-30_00252013-05-30_0035 2013-05-30_0026 2013-05-30_0027 2013-05-30_00282013-05-30_0037 2013-05-30_0038 2013-05-30_0039 2013-05-30_0040 2013-05-30_0041



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