Lauren & Brady Wedding at La Concha Resort

“If I could ask God one thing, it would be to stop the moon. Stop the moon and make this night and your beauty last forever.”- A Knights Tale

There are never enough moments, enough time or enough words to say “I love you”. Love is universal and in that you find that love is perfect. There is always someone waiting for your love, someone just casually walking around until the day they see you and then it is clear that nothing has ever mattered until that moment. From there on you will be each others company and will walk side by side.

Lauren & Brady are that, soulmates, they see each other through the crowd…and they smile with just locking eyes. It’s easy for them to be around each other and you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are in the presence of true love.

Enjoy some images from their special day. xoxo Vanessa

2013-05-17_0001 2013-05-17_0002 2013-05-17_0003 2013-05-17_0004 2013-05-17_0005 2013-05-17_0006 2013-05-17_0007 2013-05-17_0008 2013-05-17_0009 2013-05-17_0010 2013-05-17_0011 2013-05-17_0012 2013-05-17_0013 2013-05-17_0014 2013-05-17_0015 2013-05-17_0016 2013-05-17_0017 2013-05-17_0018 2013-05-17_0019 2013-05-17_0020 2013-05-17_0021 2013-05-17_0022 2013-05-17_0023 2013-05-17_0024 2013-05-17_0025 2013-05-17_0026 2013-05-17_0027 2013-05-17_0028 2013-05-17_0029 2013-05-17_0030 2013-05-17_0031 2013-05-17_0032 2013-05-17_0033 2013-05-17_0034 2013-05-17_0035 2013-05-17_0036 2013-05-17_0037 2013-05-17_0038 2013-05-17_0039 2013-05-17_0040 2013-05-17_0041 2013-05-17_0042 2013-05-17_0043 2013-05-17_0044 2013-05-17_0045


One response to “Lauren & Brady Wedding at La Concha Resort

  1. Vanessa, you have done such a remarkable job capturing such a joyful and sacred celebration! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Mary (MOB)

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