Azmina & Faheem An Indian Wedding at La Concha and La Perla Part III


“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”-

A. A. Milne

Decor: SIOD

Venue: El Convento 

Cake: C+M Cake Designers 

Makeup & Hair: Caridad Vidro

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Cinema: Nelson D’Freitas at NDF Films

Officiant: Pastor Cory


Day Three- The Reception

2013-04-10_0013 2013-04-10_0014 2013-04-10_0015 2013-04-10_0016 2013-04-10_0017 2013-04-10_0019 2013-04-10_0022 2013-04-10_0005 2013-04-10_0006 2013-04-10_0007 2013-04-10_0008 2013-04-10_0009 2013-04-10_0010 2013-04-10_0011 2013-04-10_0012 2013-04-10_0018 2013-04-10_0020 2013-04-10_0021 2013-04-10_0023 2013-04-10_0024 2013-04-10_0025 2013-04-10_0026 2013-04-10_0027 2013-04-10_0028 2013-04-10_0029 2013-04-10_0030 2013-04-10_0031 2013-04-10_0032


Day 4: Vidai

This was a very emotional day, in many ways and ways I did not expect. Azmina’s father is an amazing man, a gem of a father who exemplifies parental love. On the final day there is a beautiful send-off, where the daughter leaves her home to walk a new path with her new husband, this is called the Vidai. She walks as she throws back rice  (The custom of throwing rice signifies that the bride is returning whatever her parents have given her in all these years as blessings and wishes for prosperity to always flourish in the house she is leaving behind). This ceremony was beautiful and at the same time very emotional to watch and to shoot, from the moment she touched the rice her tears started flowing and as she walked each step her father held her back as his tears came and her mother smiled with pride at her beautiful daughter  It was a moment where you knew he was right there along with her each step as she walked this new path. And it was beautiful. At the end we all cried, I mean that is no surprise. Everyone who knows me understands my passion for what I do and I think it was the first time I realized myself how much documenting people’s lives really empowers and fills my heart. Thank You Azmina & Faheem, for letting me be your photographer, for letting me share in your love and for reaffirming my commitment to what I do. For that, I will never forget you. Here are some of the images…I need a tissue now. xoxo

2013-04-11_0001 2013-04-11_0002 2013-04-11_0003 2013-04-11_0004 2013-04-11_0005 2013-04-11_0006 2013-04-11_0011 2013-04-11_0012
2013-04-11_0008 2013-04-11_0009 2013-04-11_0010


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