Erica and Shawn Wedding at El San Juan

“I love you. You’re my only reason to stay alive… if that’s what I am.”- Twilight

Heart beats fast Colors and promises. How to be brave, How can I love when I’m afraid, To fall, But watching you stand alone, All of my doubt Suddenly goes away somehow… A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

It seems a lifetime , the time spent without the one you love. Once you find the person you love, time, no amount of words will ever be enough to express your heart’s desires. 

Erica & Sean had a beautiful wedding at the stunning San Juan Resort, surrounded by friends and family and a lot of love. They are a fun loving and sweet couple that share a beautiful bond.

Enjoy— xoxo VV


Cake: C+M Cake Designers

Decor: EOS Events


2013-03-24_0002 2013-03-24_0003 2013-03-24_0004 2013-03-24_0005 2013-03-24_0007 2013-03-24_0008 2013-03-24_0009 2013-03-24_0010 2013-03-24_0013 2013-03-24_0014 2013-03-24_0015 2013-03-24_0016 2013-03-24_0017 2013-03-24_0018 2013-03-24_0019 2013-03-24_0020 2013-03-24_0021 2013-03-24_0022 2013-03-24_0023 2013-03-24_0024 2013-03-24_0025 2013-03-24_0026 2013-03-24_0027 2013-03-24_0028 2013-03-24_0029 2013-03-24_0030 2013-03-24_0031 2013-03-24_0032 2013-03-24_0033 2013-03-24_0034 2013-03-24_0035 2013-03-24_0036 2013-03-24_0037 2013-03-24_0038 2013-03-24_0039 2013-03-24_0040Erica & Sean Live Album


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