Neha & Hiram Wedding Made of Love

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.”
Moulin Rouge

It seems odd that life is so sudden, when one thinks it goes by slowly sometimes. It gives us so much, and it also changes us constantly. One moment we are falling in love, the next we are starting a home, a life…we are becoming part of a new beautiful world.

Neha and Hiram met, through the mix of friends, laughs and some good puerto rican food. It seemed “Sofrito” made their spark grow and a good friend pushed them on only to find their love bloom into something to admire. And so Neha packed her life in New York and moved to the Island of Puerto Rico to be with Hiram, to love each other and now to start a new journey, one of many they have had and will have.

And so on a beautiful March day they vowed to love on another and I was the lucky girl chosen to document their day…I wish you so many, VV


2013-03-19_0019 2013-03-19_0020 2013-03-19_0021 2013-03-19_0022 2013-03-19_0023 2013-03-19_0024 2013-03-19_0025 2013-03-19_0026 2013-03-19_0027 2013-03-19_0028 2013-03-19_0029 2013-03-19_0030 2013-03-19_0031 2013-03-19_0032 2013-03-19_0033 2013-03-19_0034 2013-03-19_0035 2013-03-19_0036 2013-03-19_0037 2013-03-19_0038 2013-03-19_0039 2013-03-19_0040 2013-03-19_0041 2013-03-19_0042 2013-03-19_0043


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