Tea & Jay Wedding at El Conquistador Resort

“C’eshte dashuria? Nje liber ne nje fjale. Nje oqean ne nje pike loti. Shtate pale qiej ne nje shikim. Furtune ne nje psheretim. Rrufe ne nje prekje. Nje mije vjet ne nje cast. Kjo eshte dashuri.”

“What is love? It’s a book in a word. An ocean in one tear. Seven heavens in one glance. A storm in a sigh. Lightening in one touch. A thousand years in one instant. This is love” Anonymous Albanian Author

Tea & Jay

A beautiful and sweet couple, made for each other and sharing the biggest thing of all…LOVE

It seems incredible how love can become you, can create such a powerful force that can’t be stopped. It is in that moment that you know that it has captured you.

It has made you

It has changed you

and now it’s only you and him

in a world of wonder.

congratulations to a beautiful love


Vanessa Velez

Makeup & Hair: Didi Saldana

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