Johanna & Gavin Wedding at El Convento Hotel in Old San Juan

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart.

It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.

Judy Garland

Johanna & Gavin

Under the sun we are seen

Under the stars we are eased

Under the Moon we are One.

It might be unexpected

It might surprise us

But it surely creates us

and within us life begins

with our love

a new soul is created

and we shall love

and live together




Makeup & Hair: Lizzie Ibarra

Cake: C+M Cake Designers

Decor: Festivo

 2013-02-19_0004 2013-02-19_0005 2013-02-19_0006 2013-02-19_0007 2013-02-19_0008 2013-02-19_0009 2013-02-19_0010 2013-02-19_0011 2013-02-19_00272013-02-19_0012 2013-02-19_0013 2013-02-19_0014 2013-02-19_0015 2013-02-19_00032013-02-19_0016 2013-02-19_0017 2013-02-19_0018 2013-02-19_0019 2013-02-19_0020 2013-02-19_0021 2013-02-19_0022 2013-02-19_0023 2013-02-19_0024 2013-02-19_0025


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