Zynthia & Jason Wedding at El San Cristobal and El Convento

“As I laid my head on your shoulder I knew in that fraction of a second I was yours and you where mine…forever…An infinite amount of time would not be enough to have you, hold you, see you and experience our love. You my darling where my own love realized” — Vanessa Velez

Zynthia & Jason where an amazing couple, their devotion and beautiful spirit is just wonderful to experience. Even more so they are kind and humble and in their love they find comfort and such joy. It seems they where carved for each other. They had a beautiful ceremony under the light of the moon at the historical San Cristobal Fort in Old San Juan (OSJ). With a light breeze and candles everywhere they exchanged their vows and to applause welcomed this new journey. They had a beautiful reception at El Convento, a beautiful restored Convent in the center of our beautiful OSJ.

Enjoy some of the beautiful details…with love– Vanessa V

Wedding Planner: Rosalina Torres for Momentus Special Events 

Decor: Intic 

Cake: Lourdes Padilla

Music: Sin Prisa  

Dress: Amy Kuschel 

Shoes: J Reneé

2013-01-11_0001 2013-01-11_0002 2013-01-11_0003 2013-01-11_0004 2013-01-11_0005 2013-01-11_0006 2013-01-11_0007 2013-01-11_0008 2013-01-11_0009 2013-01-11_0010 2013-01-11_0011 2013-01-11_0012 2013-01-11_0013 2013-01-11_0014 2013-01-11_0015 2013-01-11_0016 2013-01-11_0017 2013-01-11_0018 2013-01-11_0019 2013-01-11_0020 2013-01-11_0021 2013-01-11_0022 2013-01-11_0023 2013-01-11_0024 2013-01-11_0025 2013-01-11_0026 2013-01-11_0027


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