Ashley & Charles Wedding at El Morro & El Convento

“There is one way to ask her. It don’t take a word. Not a single word. Go on and kiss the girl.” – The Little Mermaid

Ashley & her best friend dreamed as little girls of their Disney prince, their knight and true love. As they grew she thought it would be hard for any man to be the perfect man for Ashley, her beautiful sweet lovable friend was to amazing to be able to find someone to  be able to be as incredible as she was and so when she met Charles she was surprised to find she had found the man of her dreams, the one who was made for her and who would love her without limits. And so her fairy tale came to be in the enchanted Island of Puerto Rico, along with the “Wedding Glee” (bridal party) who serenaded them all through their shoot, yes, they where awesome…and even more when all of a sudden the groom broke out in song as well. I mean, seriously, what more can I ask for her, the bestest wedding group EVER! Doing the thing I love the most when I am not photographing and then throw in us singing all through Old San Juan Little Mermaid Songs…

Guys, thank you for being not only awesome but real…xoxo Vanessa

Cinematography: NDF Films 

Music & Lighting: DJ Rockhand

Decor: Inventos by Mima 

Makeup & Hair: Caridad Vidro

Shoes: Tory Burch 


6 responses to “Ashley & Charles Wedding at El Morro & El Convento

  1. So beautiful!!! I loved watching Ashley and Charles’ dreams come true and felt so honored to be a part of it. Ashley, you were a gorgeous bride ❤ And all that singing was super fun!! "Glee Wedding" hehe, love it. You were amazing too Vanessa, thanks for helping make the day special 🙂

  2. Oh Vanessa! I love what you wrote, and each one of these photos. You truly captured so many wonderful moments, and you were so fun to work with. I can’t wait to see even more. Thank you for making everything so easy and fun!!! I wish I had better words to fully express my gratitude 🙂 xoxo

  3. These pictures are wonderful, Vanessa. “Wedding Glee!” I love it :). We had so much fun that night! You are such a sweet person and a fantastic photographer. Thank you so much for being there for Ashley and her Knight :). My favorite photo, solely for Ashley’s grandfather in the background, is the “Kiss the Bride” picture. Everyone is so happy for the two of them, but you can really see it on his face!

  4. Ashley and Charles, these pictures look amazing so happy for you guys. Your wedding looked beautiful.
    love the menifee knowltons

  5. The pictures are beautiful! You are an amazingly gifted photographer and person. Thank you for documenting one of the most important days for our family and my big sis.

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