Ines & Juan Carlos Wedding at the Conrad Condado Plaza

“Life is all about moments of impact… And how they change our lives forever…My theory is that these moments of impact… that these flashes of reality that turn us upside down… change us.” – The Vow

Nothing ever comes easily when it’s worth having, as they say, sometimes we must fight with all we have to find the real happiness which will complete us. And this wasn’t more true than for my friend Ines, if you ever met her you would see that her heart is bright, her spirit is one of a fighter and her love is pure. When I met the man who had stolen her heart, well I knew, without a doubt that he was the one. His kind spirit and his way of leading her by the hand next to him, well it was a beautiful soul mate story made true.

Their wedding was by far one of the most sweetest, emotive ceremonies that I have ever witnessed. It was a true testament to their love and their commitment. I don’t thing there was a dry eye in the room or anyone who didn’t laugh out loud with the funny moments. I think sometimes we forget how beautiful life can be even in the simple moments and I am glad that I get to be there for the most important days in couples lives and be reminded that love can and should always conquer all.

I love you both. xoxo Vanessa


4 responses to “Ines & Juan Carlos Wedding at the Conrad Condado Plaza

  1. Oh My God!!! Those pictures are beautiful!!!!! God Bless you both with manyyyyyy happy years together. Lo quiero mucho.
    Maria Cartagena

  2. Espectacular, Que Dios los Bendiga siempre!!!!! Se les quiere mucho, gracias por compartir este momento tan especial con nosotros!!!! un abrazo fuerte!!! GRI

  3. Hey Juan! You two look beautiful!! Congratulations on this excellent occasion, and I wish you and Ines all of the happiness in the world. I look forward to seeing you guys soon!

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