Sheila & Misael Wedding at Casa de Espana, Puerto Rico

“When a defining moment comes along, you can do one of two things. Define the moment or let the moment define you” – Tin Cup
There is a depth to real love that no amount of words could ever truly explain, it would be like explaining why chocolate cake would be nothing without cocoa. It is just a fact, something so perfectly real that it simply exists and lives within us and when we find our soul mate our heart, body and being knows for certainty that there is nothing more to find, that is it, the moment we find love. Sheila & Misael are without lack of words ~PERFECT~ they fit each other like a lock to a key and their hearts are one beating sound. Their love is beautiful and they are truly humble and sweet. I enjoyed every second of their wedding and loved that everyone that joined in on their beautiful day laughed and cried right along with them.
Thank You Guys, for letting me go on this journey with you both and also for poppin’ and smiling right along with me 🙂 xoxo Vanessa
Wedding Planning: Eventus by Zahira
Decor: Intic 
Makeup & Hair: Jedisan Diaz

2 responses to “Sheila & Misael Wedding at Casa de Espana, Puerto Rico

  1. Amazing pictures, amazing talent, just breathtaking… The memories that they will have for a lifetime are jus picture perfect in these xoxo A lifetime of happiness for them alway’s and forever….. XOXO SHEILA N MISAEL LUV YOU GUYS….

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