Liliana & Ruben Engagement Session Escambron Beach

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” Robert Heinlein

If you find that person, the one you are supposed to never live without, the one that makes your belly tickle with butterflies and makes your heart pound with excitement, than you know you are supposed to be there at that moment with them and forever. So, when even more so you find someone who compliments you in every way, who is the whip cream to your ice cream or in this case the wheel to your bicycle then you will be at their side riding through the beautiful world together and I’d say that their nothing better. Being happy is essential but being in love together is magical.

Liliana & Ruben have the kind of love that moves, that is made up of everything that is important to them and without any doubts they are seamless together. Although we had some “weather” issues for this shoot, we had so much fun and they where such troopers that nothing could make this day any less gorgeous. The beautiful make up & hair was done by my friend Q-Za who is amazing!

xoxo Vanessa


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