Hollywood Glamour “The 20’s” Inspired Boudoir Shoot

Welcome to  a Glamorous Boudoir Shoot, where elegance is opulent and Curves are the maximum form of sexiness. Real women everywhere are welcome to say “I’m Beautiful”…”I’m Hot”…& “I am a Strong Stunning Starlet”.

I love shooting Boudoir, mostly because I love showing real women everywhere that they are beautiful and there is nothing to be afraid off. Having a Boudoir Session is all about empowerment and the confidence you` get back when you receive your beautiful image is so WORTH IT! This is for YOU, no matter what age, size or stage in life.

This to me is also an amazing gift for your other half 🙂 I am going to be offering some Valentine’s Sessions in January, if you want to learn more email me at vanessavelezphotography@gmail.com.

This styled boudoir shoot was brought together by an amazing group of people and I am very thankful every single one of you.


Model: Ana Garcia

Lingerie: Blossom Boutique

Dresses: Plump Couture

Headpieces: Denise Hau & Tirzha

Location: Four Points Sheraton Caguas

Makeup & Hair: Ana Garcia

Photography & Concept Design: Vanessa Velez


Special Casting Announcement!! If you want to win a FREE SESSION with me & want to be in the spotlight I am looking for two willing models for two styled shoots coming up! If you want to build your portfolio, or if you are a normal girl like me who wants a day to feel like a Startlet then contact me for details!! More in depth announcement to come!! xoxo Vanessa


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