Jamila & Marcus Engaged

“But to see her was to love her, love but her, and love her forever.”- Robert Burns

There is a beautiful simplicity in the flirting of the eyes and hands, the way couples can say so much without saying a single word. There are moments where you find yourself in love and without a moment lost you know that the person standing next to you is in fact, the love of your life. Jamila & Marcus are to me the embodiment of that love, that is not only sweet but passionate and real.

I am looking forward to documenting your beautiful journey. xoxo Vanessa


3 responses to “Jamila & Marcus Engaged

  1. Jamila and Marcus:

    These are such beautiful photos. The emotion in them is quite palpable. Jamila comes across as such a classy dame, and Marcus’ intelligence and tenderness are evident.

    Mazel Tov! How wonderful that you found each other. I wish you joy and happiness.

    Love from,

    Uncle Michael (Rosberg)
    Cell: 876-537-1266

  2. Anthony,

    I am delighted and very happy to hear of Jamila and Marcus’ engagement. Thanks for the good news.


  3. You both look very happy together. May the same radiance evident now continue to rest upon you both now and in the years to come.

    Aunt Joy

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