Christ & Mandy Wedding at the Antiguo Casino de Ponce

“The moment I have awaited has come, everything as I dreamed off as a little girl…When I was small I imagined it all, but never with such a perfect love…Today I marry my best friend. Who lifted me up and took me by the hand, who stood by me, fought, and taught me that love is not measured by the good moments but by every effort and hardship overcome. The wait is over! Now we get to live a new adventure.” –Christ–The Bride

It’s called love…and when it’s real there is no amount of time, space or moments that can define it. Christ & Mandy endured 8 months without seeing each other as Mandy followed his dreams and Christ was there all the way with words of encouragement and love. And through it all I would say they fell even more in love, their passion grew and their bond became stonger and so when they finally stood in front of the congregation and God to commit themselves to each other you could see they were already one. They are to me a perfect example of real-beautiful-passionate-incredible head over heels and dip with a kiss LOVE.

Guys, Thank You…for letting me capture your LOVE, your HAPPINESS & Your BEAUTY inside and out.

xoxo Vanessa

Coordination: Lourdes Estrada, Cake: Arte y Pasteleria, Decor: LS Manteleria, Videography: Play Back, Dress: D’Royal Bride, Shoes: Le Soir Pour La Victoire & Music: Grupo Kache,


2 responses to “Christ & Mandy Wedding at the Antiguo Casino de Ponce

  1. Como le dije en la boda de mi hija Christy, usted es una artista! Viendo las fotos es como detener el tiempo y disfrutar cada instante nuevamente. Dios la bendijo y la bendice.
    Marta Jordan

  2. Hi Vanessa!! I wanted to know if you can find out where her veil is from?? I’m looking for one just like it. It is stunning!

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