Mara’s Lifestyle Maternity Shoot


Mother, the ribbons of your love are woven around my heart.  ~Author Unknown

Last week I shot this gorgeous lifestyle session for Mara and her growing family. I adore them, just because they all  add something to the other, it’s a perfect compliment. They are a beautiful family who share the simplicity of love and share it with each other. If you see how she is with her son, you know the depths of her love, she is caring and sweet and she just lives for them as they do for her.

Now, Mara is one the most recognized decorators on the Island and she has a company called Blanco by Mara, which means “White by Mara”…so just like her name of choosing, everything in this shoot was clean & white, which I just loved 🙂 Thank You for letting me capture this moment 🙂 xoxo Vanessa


2 responses to “Mara’s Lifestyle Maternity Shoot

  1. Me encantan!!! Me dieron hasta sentimiento….eso es lo que se logra cuando tu trabajo de fotografa logra transmitir algo mas alla que la imagen. Congrats!!

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