Molly & Silas Wedding at Casa de Espana

“True love knows no league.”- Amy Butler

There is a thread that never ends, it is woven over time by many moments and decisions and with such time it becomes a piece of fabric that grows without measure, that is love and it is incredible. When you get to witness it first hand, to see with your own eyes you can see it is amazing and not because of its vast space but because of its simple beauty. Molly & Silas share that type of love, the kind that spreads to everyone around them in a way that is just moving. Both families, coming together to witness their marriage and take a part in their incredible journey. All taking part in each others culture and weaving along with them their future.

Their ceremony was one of the most unique events I have witnessed, having the bride and groom not just write their vows but sing them to each other with such AMAZING voices. But I guess when you marry your best friend you will want to sing to the roof tops. They also, as Silas parents had intertwined their last name, so that forever they would belong to each other in a even more unique way. And as they did they became the Merez family. I just loved it 🙂

The wedding was held at the historic Casa de Espana, with the spanish inspired decor prepared by Inventos by Mima. Sound was provided by Rene Oronoz & catering by Food Paradise. The bride got ready at the Peter Cardon Salon.


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