Karolyn & Jose Engaged

I have been trying to write this post for the last few days..thinking about how to put into words the amazingness of this experience. I feel blessed, truly incredible blessed that I get to do something I love and make people smile.

Let me start the story by saying that I am so humbled by this experience and getting to capture Karolyn & Jose’s Wedding this December and all thanks to the love of a mom who adores her daughter. A few months ago a friend of mine and wedding planner Nilseny Acevedo called me to tell me that she wanted me to meet with a client of hers who wanted to surprise her daughter and hire me to be her photographer without her knowing. Apparently her daughter was a follower of my blog and she had wanted so bad for me to be her photographer but had come to the conclusion that she wouldn’t be able to hire me but her mom knew that and made everything possible to have me be their wedding photographer. So with a bit of sneaking around she hired me and I was to say nothing until the day of their engagement session where she would be expecting someone else…and so the day came…I was nervous!! I mean I had never been chosen, hand picked to surprise someone and to me it was still bizarre that it was happening. So when I walked up to her she stood looking and me and since I had brought my hubby along that day she thought he was the photographer, until I introduced myself and told her that I would be shooting her wedding & engagement and then she just stared and open her mouth and started asking me if I was joking and then we both got a bit emotional because she realized that her mama had done this for her, for her beautiful daughter.

If I can say it was one of the best engagement sessions I have ever done, mostly because Karolyn & Jose are SO IN LOVE! They are the type of couple who finish each other sentences, those that look at each other and you see them sparkle…they are so deeply connected that it’s just easy and beautiful. Guys, to say that I am so happy to cover your wedding is an understatement…I am truly blessed. You and your family are amazing đŸ™‚ xoxo Vanessa


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