The Boudoir Divas Workshop….My Recap

“Every generation needs a new revoltion”- Thomas Jefferson

When Marissa & Kimberlee founded the Boudoir Divas I am sure they never thought their dreams would take them as far as they could go, from humble beginnings they have created a brand that is in one word AMAZING. It’s an experience on its self and it was in its own right a revolution, a moment where the photography world would change and change for the better. And today as their original campaing said: Boudoir is Back! They brought back Boudoir to empower women and let them see for themselves how gorgeous and stunning they are. And along the way they started teaching just how you can also make a change.

Although I had been shooting boudoir for some time now I hadn’t totally taken the plunge to go all in because in all honesty I was just a little bit scared. I had been a follower of the Divas and when I saw the chance to attend their workshop I totally jumped in and said: “Here we Go!”. I have to say it was a great decision. I can’t say anything that would remotely explain everything I learned and all I took in from the workshop. They are both such great teachers and they complement each other in a way that you’d think they where twins…it’s like Marissa is the honey to Kimme’s Tea and vice versa. Learning from them is something I will not forget and already after coming back I have seen the difference in my Boudoir work, just a tweek here and there and I feel so much more confident because I guess now I see I wasn’t so much scared as I was stuck. I took the whole experience by doing a little mini-workshop before the official workshop which was the “Basics Breakfeast” and I was so HAPPY I did, just because I had never worked with Studio Lights and was scared it would totally ruin my shots. So I took the mini workshop and when I finally got my turn with the models I was confident πŸ™‚

Marissa- You are an inspiration, your drive and passion reminds me of my own and that makes me want to keep shooting for the stars because I just might get lucky and see one up close πŸ™‚

Kimberlee- Your honesty and commitment is incredible, you are so focused that it scared me because I think I might have to go and buy some concentration pills…just to be a third of how incredible on point you are πŸ™‚

All in All…Super Happy…my first workshop I came back and founded this company…my second workshop….mmhmm….I have a lot of plans for 2012! So stay tuned…who knows I might surprise you!

Here are some images:


Mis Nenas! Jaime & Brooke


Special Thanks to our amazing models! You where all awesome!!


One response to “The Boudoir Divas Workshop….My Recap

  1. Aw Vanessa!!! Wow! Thank you so so so much. Compliments of lifetime. There is no doubt you will be insanely successful. You kindness and passion will get you to the stars for sure. Best wishes to you fabulous lady. -Marissa

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