Mama to Be Limari…A Pin-Up Maternity Shoot

Motherhood is priced
Of God, at price no man may dare
To lessen or misunderstand.
~Helen Hunt Jackson

This week I had the honor of shooting Limari for her Maternity Photos, I personally adore doing these shoots because I find such beauty in motherhood that it makes my heart smile. This shoot was made even more special because it was for a woman whom I admire, someone who is not only going to be an amazing mother but whom I know is going to be someone in this world. She is a fighter, she is constantly defending animal rights and she talks about things that matter, you can read some of her work here.  It’s also kind of awesome that she is co-owner of the Turistas Clothing Line. We did a Pin-Up Style Maternity Shoot, something I loved…it reminded me of the 50’s…here are some of my favorite shots of this gorgeous mama to be..i wish I’d look this good when I was pregnant!


3 responses to “Mama to Be Limari…A Pin-Up Maternity Shoot

  1. Unas fotos espectaculares…. Estas son las memorias impresas que nos quedan de una hermosa maternidad y que nos recuerdan el milagro de la vida.

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