Published in Grace Ormonde!! Keyla & Jose Married

Forever isn’t such a long time…ever since I first laid eyes on this magazine I simple LOVED Grace Ormonde…it was one of those magazines I would rush to Borders to buy and just soak it in until I finally got a paid subscription as a proper fan should. So to say I though I would never be part of this amazing brand was pretty much the truth, seriously I might have used the term it would be “forever”….So when I sent in my submission after the amazing wedding of Keyla & Jose I never and got an answer back saying they’d like to publish my wedding I was like…jump in the air, do a little dance and drink a glass of champagne happy!

And today I am on the Blog! Yey!! Thank You to everyone who has been a support for me, I would never accomplish all I do without you.

This amazing wedding was decorated & planned by my amazingly talented friend Zahira Domenech for Eventus by Zahira.

You can click on the above image to go to the publication!! xoxo Vanessa


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