Alexandra & Eduardo Wedding at the Marriot Stellaris

He proposed..She said Yes…though it wasn’t as easy as said than done…

On a boat trip with their friends he had planned to pop the question, as the maid of honor recounted, there where two perfect moments for him to do so…yet he chose a simple moment, a real moment…the moment that would define their road together all the way to their union as man and wife. The way they look at each other as there is no time or space between them, their automatic smiles and the moments that determine their lives. Love, as real as it can be.

Her calmness was remarkable, as hours before the ceremony she sat in her room helping her sister and mom get ready, when it was her turn she stepped into the amazing dress her mother had designed and sowed for her, the details that made it one amazing dress which as it was described by her mom: “It’s one shoulder because Alex is a one shoulder girl”. A couple of floors up at the Penthouse her groom got ready among his friends and family. He was nervous but didn’t show it, if it wasn’t for him asking me three times if the bride was ready…I wouldn’t have caught it. Love will do that to you…

They exchanged their vows at the beautiful Fatima Church and held their reception at the Marriot Stellaris at Condado. The decor was done by Lecumberri with the gorgeous cake was created by the amazing C+M Cakes. The DRESS was designed by the amazingly talented mother of the bride Lisa Thon


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