Tati & Ricky A Wedding at Blue Lagoon

I will bless them and the places around my hill. I will send rain at the right time. These showers will be a blessing to them. (Ezequiel 34:26)

And it was so that on Tatiana & Ricky’s wedding day Hurricane Irene touched our coasts and our land of Puerto Rico, but that was not even a concern, because it was love that would be celebrated that day and under the blessing of God these two married under sun and just when the pastor said “I pronounce you man and wife” did that sky open up and boy…did it pour. But the happiness was so much and love so strong that only joy was there to celebrate with all of their guests who filled their reception to support their union.

Moments before Ricky saw his bride he breathed in and smiled…just before turning around…I guess because he knew she would take his breath away and believe me, she did. It was one of the most beautiful details, the four of them at the altar exchanging tears of joy. I have known Tati for a looongg time, since I was in kindergarden, so believe me when I say that I’ve never been more touched. The love they share is not something you see often, it is just pure and natural and it matters. I believe so much that it was God who held that rain, because when it started pouring I said a prayer..”Please give me 10 minutes of sun for their couples portraits” and he answered…..under a hurricane I got my ten minutes after a while of rain 🙂

The wedding was beautiful, no detail gone untouched under the guidance of their always amazing wedding planner Yaska Crespo, their wedding took place next the Condado Lagoon at Blue Lagoon and it was beautifully decorated by Lorraine’s Flowers.

Tati…I hope you are having fun on your surprise honeymoon to Hawaiiiii….xoxoxoxo always. Vanessa



3 responses to “Tati & Ricky A Wedding at Blue Lagoon

  1. Thank You Vanessa your touch is incredible!!! When you click your camera, love is in the air, you can feel it!!!!

  2. I’m just in LOVE with our pictures!! You just capture every detail, every moment! Vany, thanks for being part of My BIG day! You made it memorable…Love u lots!

    PS. If I could repeat my wedding day…it will be just the same (including Hurricane Irene) God made it perfect!

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