Tatiana & Ricky Engaged

Tatiana and I know each other since first grade, so you could say this a long lived relationship and as we grew up I always knew she would find someone who would compliment her to the core of her heart, because she has a huge heart so it would be hard to conquer it but when I met Ricky it clicked at that moment that he was perfect for her, his quiet way and his tender smile was like looking at Tatiana, they where two peas in a pod. This engagement was a bit longer than the usual but we wanted to make it special 🙂 i guess that’s what you do for your friends 😉


2 responses to “Tatiana & Ricky Engaged

  1. Just loved the experience!! Besides a great friend, Vanessa is an awsome photographer. As a professional she’s creative, precise but spontaneous. She just flows along with the couple….then “walla” her final work is just what you dreamed of: just natural and modern! Vane, thanks for just amazing photos! – Tati

  2. Me recuerdo de Tatiana y de su mama. Me alegro mucho por ella y su novio. Espero que todo salga bien.

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