Kimberley & Adrian married at the St. Regis Bahia Beach Puerto Rico

“It took me a long time to find you, but I did…” With these words Adrian surprised Kimberley, as part of his written vows. She cried, of course, what girl wouldn’t….when the man you love proclaims his love for you in such a beautiful way there is no words that can say enough. Sometimes life takes us on different paths than what we imagined but somewhere along the way we find the reason why it did. And Adrian found his reason in Kim and she in him.

They are a couple I just adored, Kim is one of those girls that is just full of life and I loved that about her. Adrian is her calming stone, he protects her and with just a smile he hugs her whole being. It really is beautiful to watch when you have two people that are so in love.

It was a beautiful sunny day, in between what had been a week of rain in Puerto Rico but that day it was perfection. The wedding held at the new and amazing St. Regis Bahia Beach in Rio Grande  was an affair to remember. They picked a beautiful spot at the Wedding Pavilion where there closest friends and family came to join in their love. Under the always amazing guidance of Socorro Alicea for Ever After Events the wedding was planned and executed beautifully. They had a stunning decor done by Akua complimented by a gorgeous cake from the St. Regis In House Pastry Chef. The cinematography was covered by Raymond Video Productions with music by my favorite DJ ever, DJ Rockhand. The bride was made up by the amazing talent of Peter Styling. Enjoy some of my favorite images.

and the “A Team”

and on a side note! this is my 50th Post!!! YEY!! 


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