Gina & Joseph Married at Villa Tres Palmas in Rincon

Family gathers, friends follow and love is shared with one another….there is a moment, a simple drop in a huge ocean that resounds for it’s strenght…that moment when they say “I Do”…forever.. “I Do”

The love between this couple was just so real and passionate in a way, they would always be close, around each other, stealing looks, kisses or just a brush of their hands. I say that’s what marriage is about..the simple moments that mean a world.

As her dad toasted under the starry night he said something very funny, along the lines off.. “Gina said she didn’t want a big wedding, she said she didn’t want people to have to travel long distances for it…I am not sure what happened…as all of a sudden we are all here in Puerto Rico”. And it was, friends and family came from different states to share with the bride and groom and that they did. All the toasts made that night where special, each showing a side of the couple that was real and beautiful.

They where married at Tres Palmas Villa Rincon, the wedding was coordinated by Barefoot Weddings. I was assisted by my awesome brother Heber Coll 🙂 who took a couple of shots here.

thank you guys for letting me be a part of your day 🙂 xoxo


One response to “Gina & Joseph Married at Villa Tres Palmas in Rincon

  1. Love them! The one on the bench overlooking the ocean is my favorite. Thank you so much Vanessa and Heber!

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