Claudette + Andre + Amelie- A Maternity Session

“You are the poem

I dreamed of writing

the masterpiece

I longed to paint.

You are the shining star

I reached for In my

ever hopeful quest

for life fulfilled…

You are my child.

Now with all things

I am blessed.”

 – Author Unknown

“It hasn’t hit me yet” Claudette told me at a wedding we did back in February together, when talking about Amelie (her little bundle). She told me how she hadn’t yet realized that she was in fact going to be a mother in a  few months. I told her it was normal, that in time she would come to that sudden “Oh My God!” and she did, a few months later you could see it in her look, her smiles, the way she would touch her belly every few seconds…just connecting with her baby girl.

So when the time came for us to shoot her maternity session last week, I was happy, in fact giddy that I got to be a part of this moment in her life with the love of her life Andre. Mostly because they have become great friends and have a piece of my heart. Both are artist, Andre is a wonderful musician and Claudette is an amazing cinematographer. And I bet Amelie will be an artist too 🙂 too much talent in one place.

Although it rained like crazy and we had our plans changed, mother nature is like that 🙂 We wen’t out to the Caribe Hilton and got some awesome artsy shots which I love because of their intimacy.



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