Nicole & Chris married at Hosteria Del Mar

Under a blue ocean and an awesome sun Nicole & Chris married the morning of Mother’s Day with their closest friends and family who came all the way from Kansas City to celebrate in the beautiful union. It was a great day, only made better by the beautiful island feel of their venue Hosteria Del Mar.

Nicole and I clicked right from the start through e-mail, I could feel her excitement through her wording and I knew when their wedding came it would be timeless and she did not dissapoint. Not only was she gorgeous! but she was also kind, humble and most of all a genuinely good person. And her bridesmaids where the most amazing bridesmaids ever, seriously, I don’t think they could have been any more helpful and sweet.

When the time came for the ceremony and Chris walked down the steps to wait for his bride, even under all his cool demeanor you could tell he was ready to see her and hold her and hug her…and he did not stop looking at her all through the ceremony. To them it was just a simple gesture to a grand life. They exchanged their vows and when they kissed it was perfection, they simply squeezed each other with joy. I knew these two where not only in love but crazy about each other.

Thank You Guys! You where all awesome 🙂


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