Elmer & Yenia a Family Backyard Wedding

What do you get when a beautiful Cuban Girl married a Handsome Puerto Rican Boy? One sweet couple with a flair for having fun.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending some time with my extended family at my cousin’s wedding. They exchanged their vows at their “Casa de Campo” at the family farm. It was a beautiful day, sunny and nice. I had never met Yenia, but after I did I was struck, she’s such a lovely and sweet person, I just felt an immediate connection to her and it was as if I’d known her forever. These two are just such a beautiful couple, they are in love and you can tell Elmer just adores her. They didn’t spend one moment apart after the ceremony. I was really happy I got to spend some time enjoying a saturday afternoon with family. Enjoy some of the images.

“i loved his reaction when he saw her”

“my gorgeous cousins”


One response to “Elmer & Yenia a Family Backyard Wedding

  1. Beautiful pictures of memories made at a joyous time. Family and friends to share it with and all will last in these captured moments, smiles, and union with loved ones. As time goes on some things we may forget but photos bring back the memories and joy felt on that special day so we can look back upon them with renewed love.

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