Rachael & Mike Married at the Marriot Stellaris

The pursuit of hapiness…that to me is what marriage is. Everything in between can be described as life, laughter, joy, excitement and most of all Love. And in one day I got to experience all of those emotions between two amazing people who just happened to be getting married under a beautiful blue sky in my Island and to my lucky stars picked me to be their wedding photographer.

I can’t even begin to describe how much these two adore each other, or how excited Rachael was when I got to her room, that she started screaming through the door: OMG! Vanessa’s here!! Yey!! and we grabbed hands and started doing a silly dance..for all my past clients..you know how giddy I can be. When the actual ceremony came and she got to Mike, both of them couldn’t stop smiling. And when the vows where exchanged in between the tears and the laughs you could tell at that precise moment that nothing would ever come between them, with what space? They fit to well.

When the ceremony ended it was made even more magical when a string of fireworks started at the beach (in daylight!), as if God was saying he would celebrate along with them. Thank You Guys, really, for sharing this day with me.

The wedding was held at the Marriot Stellaris in Condado, PR. The event was ran by the ubber talented Socorro Alicea, all the local stationery was done by Chezelle Designs, cake by Cakeland Designs and makeup and hair by Lizze Ibarra. It was also a great pleasure to work for the first time with a great friend of mine Claudette Montero from Alucinarte Films (AMAZINGNESS!!)

Here is the Bride & Groom with Socorro & her Husband 🙂 super team!


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