Christ & Luis In Love

Love Letters…you know, like in books and movies, those letters written from the heart.

Knight and Shinning Armor…you know, like Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty.

Real Love…you know, like the one that is hard to find.

THAT is what Christ & Luis  “Mandy” have. That passionate, beautiful, simply amazing love that often is not seen. It’s timeless and it’s special. I first met Christ in a Wedding Expo, but it wasn’t really until she added me on Facebook that I actually got to know her…and Luis. You see every few days I would wait for it…their love posts to each other…tiny love letters..snippets of joy and love. They would leave each other beautiful words, just because. One of my favorites was:

“Life can be a roller coaster, and sometimes can be fun, sometimes can be hard but there is one thing for sure… with you.. I do not regret nothing! Chiquita Te amo!”–from Mandy

Then one day they sent me a message, telling me they wanted to take their engagement photos because he would be leaving soon to embark a new journey and wanted to record their love before he left. So we met up in January and did their engagement photos in Old San Juan and the Beach. A few weeks later Mandy left for his training and so Christ waited for him to return…but he didn’t leave her alone…he would send her Love Letters, real written love letters…and so the story goes…love no matter the distance or the situation always perseveres. And photos, as memories as just a reminder of that love. Enjoy a real life Love Letter.



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