Carmen & James married at La Concha, PR

My last wedding of 2010 was one to be remembered. Shared with some of my favorite vendors in the industry and a wonderful couple. The wedding took place at the beautiful Hotel La Concha under a beautiful sunny day. The day started off to champagne, laughs, pool and some fun. All the girls where prepared and styled by the ever so talented Lizzie Ibarra and looked super fabulous. The bride was all smiles throughout the day and you could see she was more than excited to finally be marrying the man of her life. The couple decided to have a first look before the ceremony to take all their formals and couple shots, so they could enjoy the cocktail hour with their guests.

When Carmen went down to see her handsome groom for the first time she got  a bit nervous but once she saw him, standing their waiting for her it was, well perfect. She went down towards him in a stride, eager to see him and share a moment with him. He was just as nervous but her smile made his light up and their embrace was just true love in it most beautiful form.

The day went by with ease, enjoyed by all the guest with great music provided by Luis DJ Rockhand and some plena music. The guests where delighted by a beautiful decor and ambience created by Socorro Alicea for Ever After Events and the day was coordinated by Lisa Rodriguez for Puerto Rico Wedding Planner . Also my partner in crime for a beautiful video covrage was Mirna Ferrer for Ferrer Video.



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