Sheila & Luis married at San Juan Hotel

Yesterday…was a beautiful day for a wedding..especially the wedding of a friend and old college friend Sheila. Honestly, I usually don’t post so fast after the wedding on the blog but really…how could I not.

I just loved this wedding, everything about this couple was just perfection. I don’t think there could be two people more in love on their wedding day than these two. Sheila is a kind person, she gives you a smile and you know it is always completely genuine, her laugh is infectious but most importantly her passion is so visible you can’t look away. And her now husband isn’t far behind, not only does he match her smile but he is such a warm hearted person, everytime he hugged his family and friends he did it with such love that it made you see why his bride is so in love with him. And his vows..WOW..seriously, everyone in the ceremony was enthralled by the beautiful words he wrote to his bride, such simple yet filled words. These two are truly compliment each other perfectly.

I have to admit I did get teary eyed with their vows and especially when they had their first dance…because man If there was a dry eye in that room, I didn’t see it. They first danced to “I believe the name was” The nearness of you by Norah Jones and then too one of my favorite sonds “Solo tengo ojos para ti” by Juan Luis Guerra and man…it was just breathtaking. But there was also a special surprise Sheila had for her groom…her voice…she gave him the gift of singing a beautiful song with her amazing voice, one you should know “Contigo en la Distancia”. I think Luis almost..almost..died at that least he stopped breathing.

All I can say is that from the AMAZING favorite dress ever..seriously! to the beautiful couple was perfect.

The wedding was held at the beautiful San Juan Hotel in Isla Verde, PR. With decor and coordination provided by EOS Events. The brides dress was “Gracie” by Sottero & Midgley.


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