Leiry & Marc married at The Caribe Hilton

Last weekend I had a beautiful wedding at the Caribe Hilton Resort in Condado, PR , coordinated by Eventus. It was a gorgeous day for a wedding and the hotel has some beautiful grounds for it.

I started the day off with Leiry as she got ready at the hands of the talented Lizzie Ibarra, although  the bride was a bit nervous she was also excited and you could see her smile light up anytime someone mentioned Marc. After some good music and some final prepping for her J. Crew dress she walked down to her beautiful ceremony at the sound of one of my favorite songs “Somos Novios”.

When Marc saw his bride his eyes twinkled and his smiled rose, just as she approached him everything seems to be still in their looks and it was beautiful. Our favorite minister Daryle Parker hosted the beautiful and very sweet ceremony which was just the right words to celebrate this beautiful union among with all their friends and family who came from the states and Puerto Rico.

The reception was held at the beautiful terrace overlooking the hotel pool and beach, which was decorated by Siod with cake by Lourdes Padilla Cakes. The rest of the day was filled with smiles, kisses, laughter and a lot! of dancing courtesy of music by DJ Rockhand, which just served to close on a beautiful day for a beautiful couple.


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