Stacia & Adam married at El Conquistador Resort

This past December Stacia & Adam joined their lives forever along with a great big group of family and friends at the beatiful Conquistador Resort in Rio Grande, PR. It was a Destination Wedding but it was really an Amazing Wedding, because even though there was no local family it seemed that way because so many people flew in just to witness their union. And these two, well they are just such a sweet and wholesome couple. Everyone in a room with them would instantly now they where just meant for each other. The maid of honor, who was also the bride’s sister, gave the best toast I have yet to witness. Her close friend was their minister and gave a beautiful ceremony and it was just, I would say, a perfect day. I am truly honored that I get to share special moments like these.

One Detail I want to mention from this wedding is that the couple decided to do a “First Look”, which basically means they saw each other before the wedding and got all their formals and couples portraits done before hand so that they where nice and fresh for the photos and to enjoy the cocktail hour with their guests, which came from afar to be with them. I ADORE! couples that decide to do this because it gives them more time to relax and also because it takes the pressure off so that after the ceremony they can just have fun.

We also got to shoot a Day After Session the week after, so I’ll be posting those soon 🙂

I worked this amazing wedding with my friend, coordinator and decorator Socorro Alicea from Ever After Events & Luis “DJ Rockhand”.


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