Adeline & Chris Married

Adeline and I went to High School together, it was us two and our other four best friends. We where a click and a group of sisters. We shared everything, we spent almost every weekend together, my parents always joked that she was the “other” daughter (as I am the only girl in my family). All through high school she was the one who waited, for the one, that guy who would come and sweep her up her feet. We graduated high school and started our lives as college girls, we went to different colleges but we tried our best to stay close. Between hanging out and having fun, it happened, one ordinary day and the day that became extraordinary, the day she met Chris.  Little by Little she fell, hard and totally in love with him. Although we grew apart, as often happens when you start growing up, I was lucky enough to witness the beggining of their relationshop and  last weekend I had the honor of capturing the beginning of the rest of their lives.

Since they did their engagement very close to the wedding I am posting it back to back, but I have to say I am very happy I get to capture moments of joy in my friends and families life. It was very emotional for me, to see someone close to me join “the club”. My great friend and wedding planner Socorro Alicea from Ever After Events worked alongside me, which I always love cause we make a great team (* she was the idea behind the ring shot). Here’s a glimpse of the day.

“a ring shot for the girls”

“a ring shot for the boys”



4 responses to “Adeline & Chris Married

  1. Love the photos. We are so happy that you were part of our marriage. You and Socorro transformed a special day into a magical one. LOVE YOU!!
    Ade and Cris

    Ps: Love the Medalla ring shot 😉

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