Joelia & Daniel married at Caparra Country Club

Last weekend I had the great privilege of covering the wedding of a couple I truly adore, Joelia & Daniel. It was a beautiful day that ran on high emotions from everyone and I always find it so beautiful when you get weddings where every single person is happy to take part in the union of a couple that is simply so amazing. There where moments where even I had to hold my breath, for example when Daniel read a beautiful letter to his wife where he said, in the words of the movie Click, “It’s you and me forever babe” and I know and I knew at that moment that it would be.

The wedding held at Caparra Country Club, a new venue for me, was coordinated by the always great Yaska Crespo and the beautiful breathtaking decor was done by Inventos by Mima. The bride and groom where serenated in their ceremony and first dance by the beautiful Christian couple  AbrahamBethliza who made me swoon with their amazing talent.

Enjoy some images from this beautiful day.


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