No matter what…enjoy the day of your wedding…

Sometimes it’s a tiny thing like your shoe not fitting right or sometimes it’s a major thing, like your wedding cake falling (like it happened to me), but no matter what something will ALWAYS go wrong the day of the wedding, it’s just wedding day physics. But my motto is “forget about it and smile”. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, it’s the day your marrying the most amazing and handsome man in your life, so really what else matters. So much goes into planning the wedding but essentially it’s one day and you should enjoy it, no matter what because at the end of it you’ll be lying next to him and in the morning he’ll get to make you breakfast and anything that might have happened won’t matter. Happy brides, those who just say ‘whatever’ to the hiccups get to enjoy everything and get to smile the whole day and those brides get to look back and only remember how awesome the day was. So here are some of my happiest brides, who smiled all though the day. Thank You Girls for being so Awesome.


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