Melissa & Carlos Engaged at El Morro

It was 4th of july, a hot Sunday at 5:oo o’clock and no intentions of cooling down. The lawns where filled with people setting up tents to see the fire works that night and about two hours of traffic up to the historical site of El Morro. But nothing was getting in the way of these two having some time to capture their love and smiles on camera. And the fun part was that it wasn’t only them but their whole bridal party (yeah!). These two couldn’t have been easier two work with, they where so head over heels in love that honestly no amount of heat could compete with them. And their crew, well just one word: AWESOME. I already knew two of the couples, as they had worked with my husband, so it was easy getting into a rhythm with them. We spent some time walking around the huge lawn and had some fun goofing around while I snapped away. Here are some of the shots from that day 😉


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